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    Collapsible Water Tank

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    Tired of bulky water bottles taking up too much space in your homes and when you go outdoors?

    Water is our most essential need in everyday life. The human body requires an appropriate amount of water intake to function properly and survive.

    We do our best to make sure that we fulfill this need as we lug around water bottles.

    Are you a camping lover? Do you usually go camping or hiking for a few days?

    If you like to some kinds of outdoor activities, drinking water is indispensable for you. Such as camping, hiking, BBQ, travel, picnic, etc. You need water for drinks, cook, take a shower, wash hands and face, etc.

    As a movable water tank, wearable, durable, reusable and lightweight, great for your outdoor hiking, camping, BBQ, travel and other outdoor activities. You can even bring cool in your outdoors in the summer as it can do as a freezable container.

    Collapsible Water Bag

    • Made of Eco-Friendly PE material, safe, reliable, foldable and reusable
    • Folding design, compact size, even can be put in a bag
    • Can be upright after irrigation, portable, easy to carry, Control switch which can adjust the water's flow, Large capacity, suitable for storing and transporting drinking water.
    • Perfect for the garden, home, hotel, bar, beach, BBQ picnic, camping, hiking, cycling, etc.

    Collapsible Water Bag


    Materials: PE.
    Size: 22*24cm(5L)/25*28cm(10L)/28*31cm(15L).
    Capacity: 5/10/15L.