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EzPlant™ Plant Tying Machine

EzPlant™ Plant Tying Machine

Regular price $49.99
Regular price $49.99 Sale price $79.98
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EzPlant™ Plant Tying Machine

Regular price $49.99
Regular price $49.99 Sale price $79.98
SAVE 37% Sold out

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Tie plant vines like a professional!

Are you a garden lover whose hobby is to grow your backyard garden and be close to nature?

If yes, then you surely know how important it is to support the vines vertically. It makes the garden look lush and ensures that the plants grow robust and healthy.

So why don't you do it? Because you need to hire an expert? Because the tools are too complicated? Well, you don't have to anymore.

With EzPlant™ Plant Tying Machine, you'll be tying grape, tomato, pea and cucumber vines in no time. You no longer have to watch the vines spread across the ground!


Why our customers LOVE EzPlant™️ Plant Tying Machine

✔ Easy trellising: Trying to trellis plants with a thread or tape is a difficult task. But with this staple gun, you can save a lot of time because it speeds up the process 2-3 times compared to doing it by hand!

✔ Secure connection: Tape can lose its adhesive power and make the branches fall off; thread connections are also not strong enough to hold growing veins. But this staple gun provides a secure, strong and permanent connection to plants so they can't come loose.

✔ Effortless application: You don't need professional help that costs a lot of money! Just fill the gun with staples and the tape, bring the support and the plant together and clamp them with the gun. Voila! You're done.



Material: Stainless steel
Diameter of the Opening: 5cm
Dimensions of the gun: 33 x 17 x 2cm
Size of the Tape: 0.12 x 11 x 26mm
Length of each Tape: 30 meters
Color of the Tape: Red or Transparent


Set Of:

1x EzPlant™️ Plant Tying Machine
1x Box of staples (10,000pcs)
6x Binding Tapes


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