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    Olqea™ Dual Pressure Point Massager

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    Say Goodbye To Muscle Pain, Stiffness, And Knots Once For All!

    If you experience persistent neck pain or are plagued by muscle knots, owning a Olqea™ Dual Pressure Point Massager would be of great help.


    Get Instant Relief For Chronic Neck Pain & Tension Headaches

    Did you know that headaches originate at the neck? Tight muscles constrict blood-flow, which in turn increases stress and can bring about debilitating headaches that ruin whole days.

    Olqea™ Dual Pressure Point Massager has been hailed by customers for its ability to target and release tight neck muscles. It can also be used to softly massage temples; this combination eliminates tension headaches.

    Relief Anywhere

    Dual Pressure Point Massager, everyone and anyone can experience quick and easy relief. It's perfect for use on the go or at home.

    Regardless of whether you experience pain or not, a quick 5 minute daily massage of this neck massager will always be beneficial.


    Mimics Real Therapist’s Hands

    The neck massager features two soft yet firm silicon golf-like balls that are designed to feel exactly like a massage therapist’s hands.

    Rolling the balls smoothly in your neck and shoulders deeply penetrate the muscles for instant relief of knots and tight achy muscles.

    Inrease Blood Flow Circulation

    Like any other massage, this Dual Pressure Point Massager encourages healthy blood flow and facilitates circulation.

    It uses a massage technique that releases pressure and allows blood to flow smoothly even through congested areas. This helps to alleviate muscle pain, tension and fatigue.

    Improve Quality Of Sleep

    Massage therapy can reduce fatigue and improve sleep. You can press, squeeze, and knead to release your tight, stiff, and aching muscles.

    Is It Hard To Use?

    Olqea™ Dual Pressure Point Massager couldn’t be simpler to use.

    Step 1 - Hook the device around the back of your neck

    Step 2 -Apply pressure to your neck while holding the handles

    Step 3 -Roll your hands clockwise to begin massaging your neck

    Step 4 - Enjoy that instant pain relief. Be careful, it's addictive!

    With just 4 steps and 5 minutes a day, you can get the relief you so desperately crave. What could be easier?


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