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Natural Hair Growth Oil

Natural Hair Growth Oil

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Natural Hair Growth Oil

Regular price $13.95
Regular price $13.95 Sale price $39.99
SAVE 65% Sold out

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Longer & Thicker Hair in 90 Days, Or Your Money Back

Simple as that. We're so confident you'll see results with our growth oil that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.


Real Results, Real Customers

Don't just take our word. See why THOUSANDS of our customers are starting their hair care & regrowth journey with us.


Hair Enriching, Natural Ingredients 

Our plant powered blend is packed with carefully sourced, hair enriching natural oils that work in tandem to target hair growth holistically.

How To Use:

Congratulations on choosing Carvenchy, the transformative natural oil treatment that will nourish and stimulate your hair for thicker, denser, and fuller-looking locks. Follow these simple steps to unleash the power of nature and experience the remarkable benefits of our Plant-Powered Growth Blend:

Step 1: Preparing for Application

  • Ensure your hair is clean and free from any styling products.
  • Gently towel-dry your hair to remove excess water before applying Carvenchy.

Step 2: Dispensing the Product

  • Shake the Carvenchy bottle well to blend the natural oils perfectly.
  • Unscrew the cap and use the dropper to dispense the desired amount of oil into your palm.

Step 3: Application

  • Rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly.
  • Apply the oil directly to your scalp using your fingertips.
  • Gently massage the oil into your scalp in circular motions. This will help to stimulate blood flow, improve circulation, and encourage the absorption of nutrients into the hair follicles.

Step 4: Distributing the Oil

  • Once you've massaged the oil into your scalp, work the remaining oil down the length of your hair strands.
  • Focus on the ends, as they tend to be more prone to dryness and damage.

Optional Overnight Treatment:

  • For a deeply nourishing treatment, consider leaving Carvenchy on overnight.
  • Simply cover your hair with a shower cap or a soft cloth to protect your pillowcase.


  • If you choose to use Carvenchy before styling your hair, wait for a few minutes to allow the oil to fully absorb before using any heat styling tools.

Regular Use:

  • For optimal results, use Carvenchy three times a week.
  • Consistency is key, so incorporate it into your hair care routine to experience the best results within the recommended 45-day period.

Admire the Results:

  • After using Carvenchy consistently, you will notice thicker, denser, and healthier-looking hair.
  • Embrace your natural beauty and newfound confidence as you flaunt your revitalized tresses.

We are confident that you will love the results that Carvenchy brings to your hair. Remember, our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, and if you are not entirely satisfied, we offer a reliable Return Policy.

Experience the power of nature and embrace a holistic approach to hair care with Carvenchy. Unveil your hair's full potential and let the beauty of your tresses shine through.
Enjoy your journey to naturally robust, healthy hair!


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60-Day Risk-Free Trial

We love our product and we are 100% confident you will too!

That's why we offer a 60-Day Risk-Free Trial on all orders.

Love it or your money back guaranteed.